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2014 Mapping current and potential invasion of Prosopis juliflora in the Afar Region of Ethiopia Journal Article
2014 Market forces and technological substitutes cause fluctuations in the value of bat pest-control services for Cotton Journal Article
2014 Mercury cycling in agricultural and managed wetlands of California, USA: Experimental evidence of vegetation-driven changes in sediment biogeochemistry and methylmercury production Journal Article
2014 Mercury cycling in agricultural and managed wetlands of California, USA: Seasonal influences of vegetation on mercury methylation, storage, and transport Journal Article
2014 Mercury cycling in agricultural and managed wetlands, Yolo Bypass, California: Spatial and seasonal variations in water quality Journal Article
2014 Mercury cycling in agricultural and managed wetlands: A synthesis of methylmercury production, hydrologic export, and bioaccumulation from an integrated field study Journal Article
2014 Mercury in gray wolves (Canis lupus) in Alaska: Increased exposure through consumption of marine prey Journal Article
2014 Metamorphosis alters contaminants and chemical tracers in insects: implications for food webs Journal Article
2014 Metamorphosis enhances the effects of metal exposure on the mayfly, Centroptilum triangulifer Journal Article
2014 Methylmercury production in sediment from agricultural and non-agricultural wetlands in the Yolo Bypass, California, USA Journal Article
2014 Modeling a historical Mountain Pine Beetle outbreak using Landsat MSS and multiple lines of evidence Journal Article
2014 Monitoring of livestock grazing effects on Bureau of Land Management land Journal Article
2014 Mountain plover nest survival in relation to prairie dog and fire dynamics in shortgrass steppe Journal Article
2014 Movements and activity of juvenile Brown Treesnakes (Boiga irregularis) Journal Article
2014 Pesticide concentrations in frog tissue and wetland habitats in a landscape dominated by agriculture Journal Article
2014 Preface to Owen P. Bricker III Special Issue of Aquatic Geochemistry: Understanding Thermodynamic Relationships and Geochemical Mass Balances from Catchment to Coast: A Tribute to the Life and Career of Owen P. Bricker III Journal Article
2014 Prevalence of the amphibian Chytrid Fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) at Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona, USA Journal Article
2014 Python molurus bivittatus (Burmese python). Minimum size at maturity Journal Article
2014 Reflections on a vision for integrated research and monitoring after 15 years Journal Article
2014 Regional distribution models with lack of proximate predictors: Africanized honeybees expanding north Journal Article
2014 Seasonal shifts in the diet of the big brown bat (Eptesicus fuscus), Fort Collins, Colorado Journal Article
2014 Selenium and mercury concentrations in harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) from central California: Health implications in an urbanized estuary Journal Article
2014 Systematic screening of dams for environmental flow assessment and implementation Journal Article
2014 The economics of roadside bear viewing Journal Article
2014 The effects of atmospheric Nitrogen deposition on terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity [Ch 49] Book, Pages in
2014 The effects of hydropattern and predator communities on amphibian occupancy Journal Article
2014 The historical distribution of Gunnison Sage-Grouse in Colorado Journal Article
2014 Two Low Coverage Bird Genomes and a Comparison of Reference-Guided versus De Novo Genome Assemblies Journal Article
2014 Understanding thermodynamic relationships and geochemical mass balances from catchment to coast: A tribute to the life and career of Owen P. Bricker III Journal Article
2014 Unexpected hydrogen isotope variation in oceanic pelagic seabirds Journal Article
2014 Unsupported inferences of high-severity fire in historical dry forests of the western United States: response to Williams and Baker Journal Article
2014 Valuing ecosystem services using benefit transfer: separating credible and incredible approaches [Chapter 3] Book, Pages in
2014 Variability in seroprevalence of rabies virus neutralizing antibodies and associated factors in a Colorado population of Big Brown Bats (Eptesicus fuscus) Journal Article
2014 Vulnerability of breeding waterbirds to climate change in the Prairie Pothole Region, U.S.A. Journal Article
2014 Watching the dark: new surveillance cameras are changing bat research Journal Article
2014 White-nose syndrome initiates a cascade of physiologic disturbances in the hibernating bat host Journal Article
2013 A comparison of bats and rodents as reservoirs of zoonotic viruses: Are bats special? Journal Article
2013 American Badgers selectively excavate burrows in areas used by blackfooted ferrets: Implications for predator avoidance Journal Article
2013 An integrated model of environmental drivers of growth, carbohydrate balance, and mortality of Pinus ponderosa forests in the Southern Rocky Mountains Journal Article
2013 Assessing ongoing sources of dissolved phase Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in a contaminated stream Journal Article
2013 Blood from a turnip: Tissue origin of low-coverage shotgun sequencing libraries affects recovery of mitogenome sequences Journal Article
2013 Breeding biology of an afrotropical forest understory bird community in northeast Tanzania Journal Article
2013 Carbon stocks of trees killed by bark beetles and wildfire in the western United States Journal Article
2013 Contraception can lead to trophic asynchrony between birth pulse and resources Journal Article
2013 Coupled hydrogeomorphic and woody-seedling responses to controlled flood releases in a dryland river Journal Article
2013 Coupled hydrogeomorphic and woody-seedling responses to controlled flood releases in a dryland river Journal Article
2013 Day-roost selection by western long-eared myotis (Myotis evotis) at Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado Journal Article
2013 Detecting annual and seasonal changes in a sagebrush ecosystem with remote sensing derived continuous fields Journal Article
2013 Development and characterization of thirteen microsatellite loci in Clark's nutcracker (Nucifraga columbiana) Journal Article
2013 Disparate stakeholder management: the case of elk and bison feeding in Southern Greater Yellowstone Journal Article
2013 Ecosystem engineering varies spatially: a test of the vegetation modification paradigm for prairie dogs Journal Article
2013 Effectiveness of bait tubes for Brown Treesnake control on Guam Journal Article
2013 Effects of a chronic lower range of triclosan exposure to a stream mesocosm community Journal Article
2013 Electrolyte depletion in white-nose syndrome bats Journal Article
2013 Elevated CO2 does not offset greater water stress predicted under climate change for native and exotic riparian plants Journal Article
2013 Emergence flux declines disproportionately to larval density along a stream metals gradient Journal Article
2013 Factors influencing survival and mark retention in postmetamorphic boreal chorus frogs Journal Article
2013 Floral ecology and insect visitation in riparian Tamarix sp. (saltcedar) Journal Article
2013 Fragmentation and thermal risks from climate change interact to affect persistence of native trout in the Colorado River basin Journal Article
2013 Genetic analysis of a novel invasion of Puerto Rico by an exotic constricting snake Journal Article
2013 Genetic characterization of the Pacific sheath-tailed bat (Emballonura semicaudata rotensis) using mitochondrial DNA sequence data Journal Article
2013 Grazing effects on aboveground primary production and root biomass of earlyseral, mid-seral, and undisturbed semiarid grassland Journal Article
2013 Grazing effects on plant community succession of early- and mid-seral CRP seeded grassland compared to undisturbed shortgrass steppe Journal Article
2013 Holocene dynamics of the Florida Everglades with respect to climate, dustfall, and tropical storms Journal Article
2013 Insect prey eaten by Hoary Bats (Lasiurus cinereus) prior to fatal collisions with wind turbines Journal Article
2013 Invasive and introduced reptiles and amphibians [Chapter 28] Book, Pages in
2013 Key landscape ecology metrics for assessing climate change adaptation options: rate of change and patchiness of impacts Journal Article
2013 Long-term change along the Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park (1889-2011) Journal Article
2013 Modeling sediment accumulation in North American playa wetlands in response to climate change, 1940–2100 Journal Article
2013 Monitoring intensity and patterns of off-highway vehicle (OHV) use in remote areas of the Western USA Journal Article
2013 Moving across the border: modeling migratory bat populations Journal Article
2013 On estimating the economic value of insectivorous bats: prospects and priorities for biologists Book, Pages in
2013 Pathophysiology of white-nose syndrome in bats: a mechanistic model linking wing damage to mortality Journal Article
2013 PHELSUMA GRANDIS (Madagascar Day Gecko) Journal Article
2013 Post-fire wood management alters water stress, growth, and performance of pine regeneration in a Mediterranean ecosystem Journal Article
2013 Predicting tamarisk current and future distribution [chapter 3] Book, Pages in
2013 Prevalence of Neutralizing Antibodies to Rabies Virus in Serum of Seven Species of Insectivorous Bats from Colorado and New Mexico Journal Article
2013 Projected future changes in vegetation in western North America in the 21st century Journal Article
2013 Quantifying tree mortality in a mixed species woodland using multitemporal high spatial resolution satellite imagery Journal Article
2013 Retrospective analysis of bottlenose dolphin foraging: A legacy of anthropogenic ecosystem disturbance Journal Article
2013 Riparian restoration in the context of Tamarix control [chapter 23] Book, Pages in
2013 Sample design effects in landscape genetics Journal Article
2013 Seasonal persistence of marine-derived nutrients in south-central Alaskan salmon streams Journal Article
2013 Selective predation by feral cats on a native skink on Guam Journal Article
2013 Symposium 9: Rocky Mountain Futures: Preserving, Utilizing, and Sustaining Rocky Mountain Ecosystems Journal Article
2013 Tamarix, hydrology, and fluvial geomorphology [chapter 7] Book, Pages in
2013 Temperature as a potent driver of regional forest drought stress and tree mortality Journal Article
2013 The Hyper-Envelope Modeling Interface (HEMI): a novel approach illustrated through predicting Tamarisk (Tamarix spp.) habitat in the Western USA Journal Article
2013 The interactive effects of excess reactive nitrogen and climate change on aquatic ecosystems and water resources of the United States Journal Article
2013 The Malthusian–Darwinian dynamic and trajectory of civilization Journal Article
2013 The State of Human Dimensions Capacity for Natural Resource Management: Needs, Knowledge, and Resources Journal Article
2013 Tree-Ring Records of Variation in Flow and Channel Geometry Journal Article
2013 Trends in amphibian occupancy in the United States Journal Article
2013 Using habitat suitability models to prioritize invasive plant species surveys Journal Article
2013 Using occupancy models to investigate the prevalence of ectoparasitic vectors on hosts: An example with fleas on prairie dogs Journal Article
2013 Valuing morbidity from wildfire smoke exposure: a comparison of revealed and stated preference techniques Journal Article
2013 VisTrails SAHM: visualization and workflow management for species habitat modeling Journal Article
2013 Water management in mediterranean rivers: a multiregional assessment of physical impacts, ecological responses, and management strategies Journal Article
2013 Watering the forest for the trees: an emerging priority for managing water in forest landscapes Journal Article
2013 White-nose syndrome in bats: Illuminating the darkness Journal Article