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2017 A modeling approach to compare ΣPCB concentrations between congener-specific analyses Journal Article
2017 Accounting for sampling patterns reverses the relative importance of trade and climate for the global sharing of exotic plants Journal Article
2017 Accounting for sampling patterns reverses the relative importance of trade and climate for the global sharing of exotic plants Journal Article
2017 Amphibian conservation: clarifications to comments from Andreone Journal Article
2017 Best practices for virtual participation in meetings: Experiences from synthesis centers Journal Article
2017 Designing ecological climate change impact assessments to reflect key climatic drivers Journal Article
2017 Drought, multi-seasonal climate, and wildfire in northern New Mexico Journal Article
2017 Drought, multi-seasonal climate, and wildfire in northern New Mexico Journal Article
2017 Efficacy of SpayVac® as a contraceptive in feral horses Journal Article
2017 Modeling nonbreeding distributions of shorebirds and waterfowl in response to climate change Journal Article
2017 Opinion: Why we need a centralized repository for isotopic data Journal Article
2017 Patterns in Greater Sage-grouse population dynamics correspond with public grazing records at broad scales Journal Article
2017 Relationships between gas field development and the presence and abundance of pygmy rabbits in southwestern Wyoming Journal Article
2017 Riparian spiders as sentinels of polychlorinated biphenyl contamination across heterogeneous aquatic ecosystems Journal Article
2017 RNA sequencing analysis of transcriptional change in the freshwater mussel Elliptio complanata after environmentally relevant sodium chloride exposure Journal Article
2017 The relationship between female brooding and male nestling provisioning: does climate underlie geographic variation in sex roles? Journal Article
2017 Weather radar data correlate to hail-induced mortality in grassland birds Journal Article
2016 A field ornithologist’s guide to genomics: Practical considerations for ecology and conservation Journal Article
2016 Agkistrodon piscivorus conanti (Florida cottonmouth) Diet Journal Article
2016 Assessing atmospheric concentration of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) by evergreen Rhododendron maximum next to a contaminated stream Journal Article
2016 Assessing range-wide habitat suitability for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken Journal Article
2016 Climate, streamflow, and legacy effects on growth of riparian Populus angustifolia in the arid San Luis Valley, Colorado Journal Article
2016 Contrasting evolutionary histories of MHC class I and class II loci in grouse—Effects of selection and gene conversion Journal Article
2016 Critical considerations for the application of environmental DNA methods to detect aquatic species Journal Article
2016 Debris flow occurrence and sediment persistence, Upper Colorado River Valley, CO Journal Article
2016 Detection rates of geckos in visual surveys: Turning confounding variables into useful knowledge Journal Article
2016 Drought resistance across California ecosystems: Evaluating changes in carbon dynamics using satellite imagery Journal Article
2016 Droughts may increase susceptibility of prairie dogs to fleas: Incongruity with hypothesized mechanisms of plague cycles in rodents Journal Article
2016 Ecology and control of an introduced population of Southern Watersnakes (<i>Nerodia fasciata</i>) in southern California Journal Article
2016 Effects of dams and geomorphic context on riparian forests of the Elwha River, Washington Journal Article
2016 Effects of lek count protocols on greater sage-grouse population trend estimates Journal Article
2016 Elevational speciation in action? Restricted gene flow associated with adaptive divergence across an altitudinal gradient Journal Article
2016 Environment, host, and fungal traits predict continental-scale white-nose syndrome in bats Journal Article
2016 Exposure of native bees foraging in an agricultural landscape to current-use pesticides Journal Article
2016 Extremes of heat, drought and precipitation depress reproductive performance in shortgrass prairie passerines Journal Article
2016 Factors that affect parasitism of black-tailed prairie dogs by fleas Journal Article
2016 First direct evidence of long-distance seasonal movements and hibernation in a migratory bat Journal Article
2016 First estimates of the probability of survival in a small-bodied, high-elevation frog (Boreal Chorus Frog, Pseudacris maculata), or how historical data can be useful Journal Article
2016 First record of invasive Burmese Python oviposition and brooding inside an anthropogenic structure Journal Article
2016 Flow regime effects on mature Populus fremontii (Fremont cottonwood) productivity on two contrasting dryland river floodplains Journal Article
2016 Germination and growth of native and invasive plants on soil associated with biological control of tamarisk Journal Article
2016 Historical dominance of low-severity fire in dry and wet mixed-conifer forest habitats of the endangered terrestrial Jemez Mountains salamander (Plethodon neomexicanus) Journal Article
2016 Implications of climate change for wetland-dependent birds in the Prairie Pothole Region Journal Article
2016 Influence of demography and environment on persistence in toad populations Journal Article
2016 Integrating biology, field logistics, and simulations to optimize parameter estimation for imperiled species Journal Article
2016 Integrating early detection with DNA barcoding: species identification of a non-native monitor lizard (Squamata: Varanidae) carcass in Mississippi, U.S.A. Journal Article
2016 Integrating local pastoral knowledge, participatory mapping, and species distribution modeling for risk assessment of invasive rubber vine (Cryptostegia grandiflora) in Ethiopia’s Afar region Journal Article
2016 Integrating remote sensing with species distribution models; Mapping tamarisk invasions using the Software for Assisted Habitat Modeling (SAHM) Journal Article
2016 Integrating subsistence practice and species distribution modeling: assessing invasive elodea’s potential impact on Native Alaskan subsistence of Chinook salmon and whitefish Journal Article
2016 Key ecological responses to nitrogen are altered by climate change Journal Article
2016 Long-term reactive nitrogen loading alters soil carbon and microbial community properties in a subalpine forest ecosystem Journal Article
2016 Low-cost floating emergence net and bottle trap: Comparison of two designs Journal Article
2016 Mitigating amphibian chytridiomycoses in nature Journal Article
2016 Modeling suitable habitat of invasive red lionfish Pterois volitans (Linnaeus, 1758) in North and South America’s coastal waters Journal Article
2016 Multiple mortality events in bats: a global review Journal Article
2016 Non-native and native organisms moving into high elevation and high latitude ecosystems in an era of climate change: new challenges for ecology and conservation Journal Article
2016 Optimizing available network resources to address questions in environmental biogeochemistry Journal Article
2016 Origin and identity of <i>Fejervarya</i> (Anura: Dicroglossidae) on Guam Journal Article
2016 Plague cycles in two rodent species from China: Dry years might provide context for epizootics in wet years Journal Article
2016 Projected wetland densities under climate change: Habitat loss but little geographic shift in conservation strategy Journal Article
2016 Protecting national parks from air pollution effects: Making sausage from science and policy Book
2016 Pruning high-value Douglas-fir can reduce dwarf mistletoe severity and increase longevity in central Oregon Journal Article
2016 Quantitative evidence for the effects of multiple drivers on continental-scale amphibian declines Journal Article
2016 Rangewide genetic analysis of Lesser Prairie-Chicken reveals population structure, range expansion, and possible introgression Journal Article
2016 Rapid movement and instability of an invasive hybrid swarm Journal Article
2016 Regional modeling of large wildfires under current and potential future climates in Colorado and Wyoming, USA Journal Article
2016 Reproductive allochrony in seasonally sympatric populations maintained by differential response to photoperiod: Implications for population divergence and response to climate change Journal Article
2016 Sediment accumulation in prairie wetlands under a changing climate: The relative roles of landscape and precipitation Journal Article
2016 Spatial and temporal trends of drought effects in a heterogeneous semi-arid forest ecosystem Journal Article
2016 Supersize me: Remains of three white-tailed deer (<i>Odocoileus virginianus</i>) in an invasive Burmese python (<i>Python molurus bivittatus</i>) in Florida Journal Article
2016 Synthesis of common management concerns associated with dam removal Journal Article
2016 The Bee Microbiome: Impact on bee health and model for evolution and ecology of host-microbe interactions Journal Article
2016 The differing biogeochemical and microbial signatures of glaciers and rock glaciers Journal Article
2016 The relationship between female brooding and male nestling provisioning: does climate underlie geographic variation in sex roles? Journal Article
2016 The value of earth observations: methods and findings on the value of Landsat imagery Book
2016 To cross or not to cross: modeling wildlife road crossings as a binary response variable with contextual predictors Journal Article
2016 Trophic magnification of organic chemicals: A global synthesis Journal Article
2016 Unmanned aircraft systems in wildlife research: Current and future applications of a transformative technology Journal Article
2016 Using NDVI to measure precipitation in semi-arid landscapes Journal Article
2016 Using Science-Policy Integration to Improve Ecosystem Science and Inform Decision-Making: Lessons from U.S. LTERs Journal Article
2016 Why You Can’t Ignore Disease When You Reintroduce Animals Book, Pages in
2016 Wood decay in desert riverine environments Journal Article
2015 Age-specific vibrissae growth rates: A tool for determining the timing of ecologically important events in Steller sea lions Journal Article
2015 Alternative standardization approaches to improving streamflow reconstructions with ring-width indices of riparian trees Journal Article
2015 An alternative framework for responding to the amphibian crisis Journal Article
2015 An integrated Riverine Environmental Flow Decision Support System (REFDSS) to evaluate the ecological effects of alternative flow scenarios on river ecosystems Journal Article
2015 Aquatic pollution increases use of terrestrial prey subsidies by stream fish Journal Article
2015 Assessment of surface water chloride and conductivity trends in areas of unconventional oil and gas development-Why existing national data sets cannot tell us what we would like to know Journal Article
2015 Book review: Bats: A world of science and mystery Journal Article
2015 Brumation of introduced Black and White Tegus, Tupinambis merianae (Squamata: Teiidae), in southern Florida Journal Article
2015 Caveats for correlative species distribution modeling Journal Article
2015 Cayos Cochinos Boa, Boa constrictor imperator Book
2015 Challenges to a molecular approach to prey identification in the Burmese python, Python molurus bivittatus Journal Article
2015 Citizen science contributes to our knowledge of invasive plant species distributions Journal Article
2015 Comment on "Donders, T.H. 2014. Middle Holocene humidity increase in Florida: climate or sea-level? Quaternary Science Reviews 103:170-174." Journal Article
2015 Coping with earthquakes induced by fluid injection Journal Article
2015 Daily nest survival rates of Gunnison Sage-Grouse (centrocercus minimus): assessing local- and landscape- scale drivers Journal Article
2015 Dam removal and anadromous salmonid (Oncorhynchus spp.) conservation in California Journal Article
2015 Development of 13 microsatellites for Gunnison Sage-grouse (Centrocercus minimus) using next-generation shotgun sequencing and their utility in Greater Sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) Journal Article
2015 Distribution of invasive and native riparian woody plants across the western USA in relation to climate, river flow, floodplain geometry and patterns of introduction Journal Article