Years of experience have placed FORT scientists in the unique position of being able to apply their expertise in developing innovative and important natural resource management tools. In use around the world, these software and modeling products are available for download only from FORT’s Web site. Please be sure your system requirements match or exceed those described for each product (click the linked product name for details).

Software Title Year Authors
Blossom Statistical Package for R 2013 Talbert, M.K. and Cade, B.S.
Physical Habitat Simulation (PHABSIM) Software for Windows (v.1.5.1) 2012 Milhous, R.T. and T.J. Waddle
SmartRiver GIS (v.2) 2012 Talbert, C
Software for Assisted Habitat Modeling Package for VisTrails (SAHM: VisTrails) v.1 2012 Talbert, C
CloseTest 2011 Stanley, T.R., and J.D. Richards
Stream Network and Stream Segment Temperature Models Software 2010 Bartholow, J
Blossom Statistical Package 2008 Cade, B.S. and J.R. Richards
Delaware River Decision Support System (DRDSS) 2007 Bovee, K.D., T.J. Waddle, J. Bartholow, and L. Burris
The Delaware River decision support system: version 2.11 [computer software] 2007 Bovee, K.D., T.J. Waddle, J. Bartholow, and L. Burris
National Hydrologic Assessment Tool (NATHAT) 2006 Cade, B.S
New Jersey Hydrologic Tools (NJHAT and NJSCT) 2006 Cade, B.S
System Impact Assessment Model (SIAM) 2005 Bartholow, J