Managing 246 Million Acres: New Science-based Tools Support Bureau of Land Management's Landscape Approach

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dubois Badlands Wilderness Study Area (WSA) in Wyoming. Photo Credit: Bob Wick, Bureau of Land Management.

USGS released a technical announcement accompanying the publication of a cooperative study with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) which provides science guidance and tools for implementing a landscape approach to resource management. The BLM has committed to implementing a strongly science-based, broader scale and more inclusive approach to managing resources across landscapes. Such an approach can help the BLM to work more effectively with others to better balance diverse resource uses across the public lands that it manages while protecting land health and achieving conservation goals. The concepts, principles and tools presented in the report, "Multiscale Guidance and Tools for Implementing a Landscape Approach to Resource Management in the Bureau of Land Management" provide a comprehensive science foundation for this BLM initiative. FORT Ecosystem Dynamics Branch ecologists, Dr. Sarah Carter and Dr. Natasha Carr, led the research with BLM.

Photo Caption: Dubois Badlands Wilderness Study Area (WSA) in Wyoming. Photo Credit: Bob Wick, Bureau of Land Management.

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