Sage-grouse Team Works on New Connectivity Map and Genetics

Friday, January 27, 2012

FORT scientists Sara Oyler-McCance and Colorado State University scientist/USGS cooperator Brad Fedy, along with members of the Range-wide Interagency Sage-grouse Conservation Team, participated in a scoping meeting in Denver, CO, on 25-26 January 2012 to develop a seamless range-wide connectivity map for Greater Sage grouse to help partners better plan and implement conservation actions to benefit sage grouse. Concurrent with this effort, Dr. Oyler-McCance and Dr. Fedy are leading a separate large-scale genetics project across Wyoming to assess population connectivity. They will provide technical expertise in genetics and landscape ecology to this new effort. Scoping topics included protocols for data collection and analyses, range-wide sampling strategy, genetic sampling, updates from state sage-grouse biologists, and identifying potential partners.

Sara Oyler-McCance

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Sara Oyler-McCance

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