FORT Scientist Participates in Save the Frogs Day April 28

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To raise awareness of the plight of declining amphibians worldwide, the scientific community has declared the last Tuesday of April as a day to promote appreciation and celebration of amphibians and their value to our natural and human worlds. FORT zoologist Erin Muths, along with herpetologists Pieter Johnson and Lauren Livo (University of Colorado-Boulder), Steve MacKessy (University of Northern Colorado), and others will be talking about declining amphibians throughout Colorado on national Save the Frogs Day, April 28th. These invited talks will highlight the status of amphibians worldwide as well as in Colorado. Venues range from elementary schools to universities and are open to the public. Dr. Muths has been conducting research on the ecology of endangered amphibian species in the Rocky Mountains, as well as the impacts of disease and climate change on these populations, particularly in Colorado and Wyoming. To learn more, visit Save the Frogs Day or contact Erin Muths at

Erin Muths

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Erin Muths

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