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February 5, 2015
A male Sage-grouse displaying his feathers. Photo by Doug Ouren, USGS.

New Publication on the Conservation Buffer Distance Estimates for Greater Sage-Grouse

This recent publication is a compilation and summary of published scientific studies that evaluate the influence of anthropogenic (human) activities and infrastructure on Greater Sage-Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) populations. The report provides a convenient reference for land managers and others working to develop biologically relevant and socioeconomically practical buffer distances around sage-grouse habitats.

May 23, 2013

New Energy Citation Database Released

The Western Energy Citation Clearinghouse (WECC v.1) has just been released as part of a suite of data and information management tools developed and managed by the Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative (WLCI) and the USGS Fort Collins Science Center. As energy development of all types continues to grow in the Rocky Mountain Region of the western United States, Federal resource managers increasingly need to balance energy demands with their effects on natural and human landscapes.

January 7, 2012

Efficacy of Immunocontraception in Feral Horses

Largely unchecked by natural predators, many wild horse populations grow at rates of 18–25 percent per year. This unregulated growth can overtax the vegetation upon which their health and survival depend.

Products by Fiscal Year

Title Author Year Type
A Multiscale Index of Landscape Intactness for the Western United States
Carr, N.B., I.I.F. Leinwand, and D.J.A. Wood
2016 Data Release
Estimating the economic impacts of ecosystem restoration—Methods and case studies
Cullinane Thomas, Catherine, Christopher Huber, Kristin Skrabis and Joshua Sidon
2016 Open-file Report
Facilitating the inclusion of nonmarket values in Bureau of Land Management planning and project assessments—Final report
Huber, Chris, and Richardson, Leslie
2016 Open-file Report
Tamarisk beetle (Diorhabda spp.) in the Colorado River basin: Synthesis of an expert panel forum
Bloodworth, Benjamin R.; Shafroth, Patrick B.; Sher, Anna A.; Manners, Rebecca B.; Bean, Daniel W.; Johnson, Matthew J.; Hinojosa-Huerta, Osvel
2016 Report


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