Information Science


The Information Science Branch (ISB) at the Fort Collins Science Center provides data capture, analysis, management, and distribution support to all USGS Mission Areas, most Department of Interior bureaus, and many other federal agencies. This support allows center partners to implement an integrated information environment that supports both scientific research and natural resource decision making. The ISB was established by the center in order to focus on improving the flow of information across many programs and disciplines. Products include designs of information management and delivery systems, GIS and remote sensing applications, Web applications, decision-support systems, and integrated access to distributed databases. Building these products requires a highly specialized team of talented information technology experts, including software developers, systems specialists, spatial analysts, modelers, agile project managers, content managers, communication specialists, and data stewards. This mix of staff allows the team to provide complete information technology solutions helping to ensure that stakeholders can find, obtain, and use USGS information in ways that are meaningful to them; developing, implementing, and supporting innovative technology and tools to improve natural resource management and discovery; promoting and ensuring effective stewardship of USGS information assets; and implementing a wide range of geospatial tools for research, analysis, and modeling of spatial data and associated information.

Branch Chief


NatWeb (National Web Server System)

Like many agencies, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has many science centers, offices, and field stations scattered around the country, in addition to its larger regional and headquarters locations. Some of the smaller operations find that they need a Web presence to make data and other information available to the public, but they do not have the onsite capability to host one.

As a service to these work sites, the USGS developed the National Web Server System, or “NatWeb,” a managed Web hosting service that provides USGS Web administrators with a secure and reliable Web host.

NatWeb customers maintain full access and control of their Web content, while a centralized NatWeb server team handles administration of the Web server and network...